Chill Pill Charm - Plain


In the 70's my dad bought my mom this little pill charm from a store in Beverly Hills. It's a 5mg Valium and the exact size of an actual pill. My mom gave it to me a few years ago, and everyone I showed it to, loved it. So I had it cast for all of us to enjoy. And then of course, I made some diamonds options. They have different meaning to everyone that's bought them, and I always love when people reach out to tell me how much they love them and what they mean to them. For me, it's a reminder to stay calm and breathe, and remember that everything is going to be ok. Can't wait to hear what they mean to you and how you wear yours. 

Back says "14K Roche 5" 

8mm, Bail is 6mm

Comes in 14K Yellow, White and Rose Gold

White and Rose and Made to order. 

For Made to order and out of stock please allow 2-3 weeks to ship